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J2 fic

I'm trying to find a Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki fic I read some time ago. All I remember is that Jared was sent to like a church or something to get help because he wrote really graphic and disturbing sexual stories. And Jensen was like a minister or something who worked at the church. I think Jeffery Dean Morgan was in charge or something and he kept flirting with Jensen and it made Jared angry. I think this is all in the same story, I may have combined stories. But if anyone could help out, I would really appreciate it.

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Kradam Fic

So, there was this really awesome fic where I think Adam was in college and he was trying to learn how to knit. So, he went to Kris' shop and Kris helped him. And Kris also wrotr exotic stories and he asked Adam to read it for him. They start sleeping together, but Adam's having problems with making it official. But he eventually does after coming back to school after break.


If anyone could help me find this story, I swear I'll love you forever. Thanks in advance!  (:

Adam Phone Sex Operator

So, I read this really cool fic, and I thought I saved it, but I guess I didn't. I remember that Kris was in high school and his friends thought it'd be funny to call a phone sex line, so Kris called and it turns out that it's Adam. Adam can totally tell Kris has no idea what he's doing, so he tells him to call him later that night. And then they kind of start a phone relationship.  But Kris's parents find out, the neighbor heard the conversation on her phone, and I think they kick him out. At the end he finds where Adam lives and goes there. If anyone could help me out, I'd be so grateful. Thanks (:

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Kradam fic forgotten ):

I think Kris was staying with Adam and his boyfriend (I forgot who it was) and I think Adam and his boyfriend our in his room and for some reason Adam goes into the hallway and I think Kris is out there too and they start kissing. Then they have sex in the guest room. And I think Adam's boyfriend hears them or knows somehow and he leaved and I thinl Adam catches him leaving, but I don't think his boyfriend was too mad about it (maybe he knew they loved each other, I don't remember).
If anyone could help, I'd be so thankful.   (:

Better With You

Title: Better With You
Paring: Kradam
Warnings: None
Rating: PG 13
Disclaimer: I own nothing, but the words
Summary: Someone wakes up alone and a question is asked. (I suck at these)


The bright light of the thunder wakes the sleeping form lying in the bed. He slowly slides his fingers out, reaching for his partner, but his fingers are met with coldness. He slowly untangles the sheets from around his legs. He slides his legs off the bed and onto the floor. He grabs the boxers that were left on the floor hours ago, and pulls them on.




The man walks to the open door and walks out into the hallway. As he makes his way down, he checks the rooms he passes with no luck. When he gets to the stairs, he slowly walks down them. He reaches the dinning room, but all that greets him are that nights dishes from dinner. Still left in their spots on the table. He remembers how they quickly ate and then were even more quick to touch and feel after months of being away.




He walks into the living room and sees the door to the backyard open. He steps out into the coldness. His feet touching the cold grass, wet from the earlier thunderstorm they had.




He looks over at the pool and sees the dark figure sitting. He makes his way over to the man and sits beside him, feet barely touching the water. "I woke up and you were gone."




The man looks at him. His eyes a dark blue color, almost matching the night sky. "I couldn't sleep. Too much on my mind."




"Oh. Like what?"




"Us." He says.




The shorter man's brown eyes widen for a minute before asking, "What about us." His voice laced with scaredness.




"I thought about how much I missed you while I was gone, and how I was greeted by you this evening when I got home. I want it to always be like that. And I always want it to be with you."




Already feeling like he knows whats about to happen, he asks, "What are you saying Adam?"




"Marry me, Kris."




Knowing that's not a question, never is with Adam, never has to be. Kris knows that he loves Adam so much he'd do anything for him. And marrying him would mahe them both happy. He looks up at the eyes he's grown to love, and imagines waking up to them everday for the rest of his life. Imagines coming home and having those arms wrap around him in a hug. Imagines seeing that bright smile and hearing that wonderful laugh. And all he can say is,






Kradam Prompt

I'm not sure if there are any, but I really love the movie Shelter, and I thought it'd be really cool to have the story with Kris and Adam. I think Kris should be Zach, Adam should be Shaun, Neil should be Gabe and Katy should be Tori. I also think it'd be really cute to have Allison as Cody. I'm not sure who should play Jeanne. But the age differences would have a huge change. Adam would have to be even more older than Kris and Neil. And Allison would have to be like five years old. But I still think this story should be done, and since I'm horrible with really writing things, I couldn't do it. If I did, it would probably never get finished. So, if anyone would like to help or anything, I would really appreciate it. Thanks in advance.  (:

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Kradam slave fic

There was a Kradam slave fic where Kris was a slave. And his last owner kept him tied to a bed and one day when the bef caught fire, Kris got burned. They were selling him as a worker slave, but Adam bought him and let him live with him in his small apartment. I remember a lot about the fic and I really loved it, but I think the accout was deleted and now I can't find it. So if anyone knows if there's another location where it is I'd appreciate it a lot. Thanks.  (: